Digital Transformation Challenges in Globally Active Medium-Sized Businesses

„In the digital age, the only constant is change. To succeed, businesses, regardless of their size, must embrace and drive digital transformation. It’s not about the size of the company; it’s about the ability to adapt and innovate in the face of evolving technology and markets.“ (Bill Gates paraphrased)

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, digital transformation is crucial for staying competitive. But what happens when you’re a globally active medium-sized business with a decentralized team of short-term experts who are often reluctant to embrace change?

Here’s a comprehensive list of obstacles faced by companies in this unique context, along with effective strategies to overcome them:


Resistance to Change: Short-term experts may resist unlearning their existing processes, hindering the adoption of new technologies.

Communication Barriers: Coordinating across time zones and cultures can lead to miscommunication and project delays.

Legacy Systems: Outdated systems can be deeply ingrained, making integration with new digital tools challenging.

Cybersecurity Concerns: Expanding the digital footprint can expose the business to new security threats.

Skill Gaps: Ensuring everyone is up-to-speed on new technologies is a constant challenge.

Strategies for Success:

Leadership Buy-In: Secure support from top-level management to set the tone for transformation.

Change Management: Invest in change management strategies to help experts adapt.

Streamlined Communication: Use digital tools for efficient, real-time communication.

Gradual Integration: Transition slowly to new systems to ease the process.

Continuous Training: Provide ongoing training to bridge skill gaps.