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Ladies and Gentlemen
GOPA-International Energy Consultants GmbH is a German, independent energy consulting company with a global focus. Our goal is to optimize different energy supply methods. We specialize in making them future-proof and safe.

As part of our initiative to ensure the future viability of the company, we are working on a digital transformation and the corresponding change in our processes. We want to further improve our project management through the use of various digital tools and working methods as well as SharePoint Communication Pages.

Matthias Leibbrand works for us as a digital transformation consultant and plays a crucial role in training our employees, especially in the areas of Teams and SharePoint. In addition, he developed a comprehensive digital strategy and created a clear roadmap for the detailed rollout of our digitalization initiative. His training also extended to our offices in the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria.

In addition, Mr. Leibbrand has developed e-learning material for the employees. He continued to optimize the structure of our Microsoft Teams channels for headquarters and branches to facilitate communication and promote information sharing. His contribution has helped make our projects more efficient and strengthen our digital presence.

GOPA-International Energy Consultants GmbH

Professor Andreas Wiese, Executive Director and Paul Freunscht, Head of Division

One of the overarching goals of OroVerde's BioFinCas project is a broad-based shift towards biodiversity-friendly and climate-resilient agriculture. Another is the fair distribution of risks and profits along the value chain through the development of risk financing solutions. 

The tropical forest foundation OroVerde is thus initiating a groundbreaking transformation project. This is consistent with the simultaneous development of the Project Remote Management Information System (PRMIS) for BioFinCas. It represents a significant shift towards digitalization.

The collaboration between the BioFinCas project team from OroVerde and Agile Tech Solutions Leibbrand is just beginning. Agile Tech Solutions Leibbrand brings his expertise and commitment to the digital roadmap phase to increase project management efficiency and facilitate stakeholder collaboration.

The partnership promises innovative developments on the path to digital transformation. We are excited to see the progress and how this collaboration will advance the project.

Torsten Klimpel, program manager

Ladies and Gentlemen
The G5 Sahel Facility is a non-profit foundation that supports development projects in the Sahel region/West Africa.
We largely use digital processes for communication with our local partner organizations, joint document management and, in particular, for monitoring project progress. Mr. Matthias Leibbrand has been supporting us in this area since the foundation was founded in 2021. The focus of his tasks was the development of a “remote monitoring information system” in which partner organizations decentrally collect data about planned, ongoing and completed projects, which can then be analyzed with the help of PowerBI reports can be evaluated centrally.
In addition, he played a key role in developing the structure for our document storage and developed a corresponding rights concept for the reading and writing rights of internal and external partners (SharePoint). He also set up MS Teams on two separate tenants and made them usable for our work. Finally, Mr. Leibbrand regularly conducts training courses – in several languages ​​– for our employees and external partners.
We value Mr. Leibbrand as a consultant who is always informed and imaginative, always up to date with the latest technology, who not only completes specific orders reliably, but also makes suggestions for the further development of our processes on his own initiative. What is particularly helpful is that Mr. Leibbrand is not only technically skilled, but also has a lot of experience in project management and administration in the NGO sector.
Kind regards, Patrick Berg Foundation G5 Sahel Facility

Ladies and Gentlemen

Vision Hope International e.V. is an independent, non-profit humanitarian organisation working in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). In Yemen in particular, both in the north and the south, we are a long-standing partner of the World Food Programme (WFP) and the German Federal Ministry for Cooperation (BMZ). Together with them and other international, national and local organisations, we implement projects in consortia in the areas of food security, agriculture, WASH, education and infrastructure. Our projects follow the Link Relief, Rehabilitation and Development approach and are Nexus-orientated.
Matthias Leibbrand was the initiator and visionary behind the founding of Vision Hope International e.V. in 2002, is currently part-time "Managing Director of International Programmes" and is influential in all important areas of our work through his enormous commitment and outstanding expertise. Especially in the co-operation with the hundreds of employees in Yemen, he shows outstanding leadership qualities, in the implementation of projects as well as in personal contact.
The ability of Vision Hope International e.V. to carry out extensive work in Yemen with a small number of employees at the German headquarters is largely due to the digital tools that Matthias Leibbrand has been introducing for years. Through his highly developed use of Teams/SharePoint 365 as a central Knowledge Management and Learning System (KMLS), he has taken our work with our donor organisations, consortium partners, partner organisations and employees to a new level in recent years. Mr Leibbrand has extensive expertise in the design and implementation of SharePoint Online-based knowledge management and learning systems as well as project management applications.
His up-to-date knowledge of Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online and other Microsoft features and functionalities, coupled with a deep understanding of data protection and privacy requirements (GDPR), enables him to translate the requirements and needs of a consortium of different organisations into technical solutions.
Mr Leibbrand can identify, evaluate and recommend alternative solutions. He can explain technical concepts clearly and comprehensibly to non-technical people, which emphasises his excellent communication and interpersonal skills. In addition to his native German, he has excellent verbal and written English skills.
As an expert in Project Remote Management Information Systems (PRMIS) and Remote Management Monitoring and Verification (RMMV) in fragile contexts, his expertise is invaluable to our work in Yemen. Mr Leibbrand is continuously driving forward the strategic and practical implementation, staff training and adaptation of these tools. Particularly noteworthy is his commitment to the continuous development of each employee, which emphasises his special care and dedication to the team.
For me, working with Matthias Leibbrand is always an adventure that I enthusiastically embark on. I am encouraged by his commitment, his consistent drive to develop us digitally as an organisation and the new ideas he always comes up with and then implements. On behalf of our entire Executive Board, I wish Matthias Leibbrand and his entire team success for the work of Agile Tech Solutions Leibbrand.
Marcus Rose Chairman of the board

Facts and figures

Matthias Leibbrand, the founder of Agile Tech Solutions Leibbrand and his team are your companions in the holistic management of global digitalization projects.

Based on his experience as a digital transformation consultant, Matthias Leibbrand founded A.T.S. in 2022.

 From the development of a digital vision and strategy to the definition of concrete goals through to implementation – we support our customers with many years of consulting expertise and comprehensive transformation management.

The indicators on the right show Mr. Leibbrand's digital professional experience.

Long-term digital transformation projects
6 Projects
Project volumes that have been digitally optimized
750 million euros
Trained employees
approx. 1,000
Expert pool
20 Experts


Matthias Leibbrand: Expert in digital transformation

Over the last ten years, I have specialized in dynamic digital strategies in international projects of companies and organizations by combining human intercultural understanding with advanced technology.

My focus is on digital transformation in the Office 365 ecosystem, also leveraging new technologies such as Copilot and ChatGPT.

My experience includes consulting on various digital projects, from remote monitoring systems in fragile states to eLearning programs.

I work collaboratively with international teams and stakeholders to introduce digital technologies and promote innovation culture.

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