This is ATS Leibbrand

We at Agile Technology Solutions Leibbrand (A.T.S. Leibbrand) are more than just a consulting company; we are architects of digital transformation. With our relentless commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as pioneers in the ever-evolving field of digital innovation.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear: We want to enable companies and organizations worldwide to tackle the digital age with confidence. We believe that every company and organization, regardless of size or industry, can thrive in this era of constant change. Our goal is to accompany our customers on this journey and equip them with the tools, strategies and expertise they need to succeed in a digital world.

Our approach

What sets us apart from others is our holistic approach to digital transformation. We know that true success is not just a question of technology, but also of people, processes and innovation. That's why we focus on collaborative solutions that get the most out of your teams, optimize your operations and drive sustainable growth.


We strive for excellence in everything we do to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service and results.


We adhere to the highest ethical standards and promote trust and transparency in all our interactions.


We see innovation as the driving force of progress and are constantly looking for new ways to solve complex challenges.


We believe in the power of passionate teamwork and value different perspectives and collective expertise.


We are committed to understanding our customers' unique needs and delivering solutions tailored to their success.


Responsibility is a core value in our company. We take responsibility for our work, our customers and our environment. We act ethically and sustainably and strive to have a positive impact on society.

Our Team

Matthias Leibbrand


  • Digitales Transformation Management in mittelständischen Unternehmen in Deutschland
  • Interkulturelle Expertise vor allem in der MENA Region und Afrika
  • Experience in development cooperation
  • Erfolgreiches Leiten von agilen, mehrsprachigen Teams
  • Fördermittelgewinnung zu Projekten der digitalen Transformation.
  • Change Management Expert und Mentor

Michael Rosenfelder

Senior Berater

  • Scrum Master
  • Agiles Projektmanagement
  • Software Projektleitung
  • Strategische Planung
  • Change Management


Webentwicklung - SEO Beratung

  • Tiefgreifende Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Optimierung von „state of the art“ Websites für mittelständische Unternehmen und Konzerne
  • Erfahrung im Umgang mit vielen Content Management Systemen und E-Commerce-Plattformen
  • Erfahrung in der Führung und Koordination von Projekten zur Webentwicklung und SEO-Optimierung