Jedes Unternehmen ist einzigartig, und deshalb arbeiten wir daran, innovative Ideen und Maßnahmen voranzutreiben, um zukünftiges Wachstum und Mehrwert für unsere Kunden zu schaffen. Wir setzen uns aktiv für Transformation ein, suchen nach Chancen, lösen Herausforderungen und nehmen effizient an jeder neuen Digitalisierungsinitiative teil.


GOPA-International Energy Consultants GmbH

Ladies and Gentlemen

GOPA-International Energy Consultants GmbH is a German, independent energy consulting company with a global focus. Our goal is to optimize different energy supply methods. We specialize in making them future-proof and safe.

As part of our initiative to ensure the future viability of the company, we are working on a digital transformation and the corresponding change in our processes. We want to further improve our project management through the use of various digital tools and working methods as well as SharePoint Communication Pages.

Matthias Leibbrand works for us as a digital transformation consultant and plays a crucial role in training our employees, especially in the areas of Teams and SharePoint. In addition, he developed a comprehensive digital strategy and created a clear roadmap for the detailed rollout of our digitalization initiative. His training also extended to our offices in the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria.

In addition, Mr. Leibbrand has developed e-learning material for the employees. He continued to optimize the structure of our Microsoft Teams channels for headquarters and branches to facilitate communication and promote information sharing. His contribution has helped make our projects more efficient and strengthen our digital presence.


GOPA-International Energy Consultants GmbH

Driving Sustainable Growth Through Digital Transformation